Shafik Sachedina Providing New Ways To Improve Lives of Sussex Residents

Things are constantly changing when it comes to being able to provide the best care to patients in assisted living facilities. Shafik Sachedina, co-chairman of Sussex Healthcare, is constantly looking for new ways to provide the residents in his network the best care that is available so they can live a good quality of life in their later years. His background in the field of medicine combined with the hospitality experience of Shiraz Boghani, another Sussex chair, provides a combination of backgrounds that allow their residents to feel like they are truly living comfortably instead of just surviving in a home.


One of the most recent projects to be carried out in their healthcare network is the installation of a new gym facility that is able to be used by residents from any Sussex Healthcare property. While a large part of their individualized programs is designed to improve and maintain the cognitive abilities of their residents, their new gymnasium was designed with their physical well-being in mind.

While a lot of the residents at Sussex are the elderly, there is also a significant part of the population that is younger and living with physical or cognitive disabilities. With the medical background of Shafik Sachedina, he realizes that their plans of care will be different than a plan of care for someone in their retirement years. Every aspect of the patients’ time at Sussex is considered and discussed with the loved ones of their residents. They do their best to try to maintain a sense of normalcy during their stay at Sussex.

Sussex Healthcare was co-founded by Shafik Sachedina in Spring of 1998 when he was made a joint chairman for the company. Sussex Healthcare consists of a network of many different care facilities that are each designed to meet the needs of the residents in their particular regions. Many of them look more like bed and breakfasts as opposed to a medical facility. Shafik Sachedina is on the board of governors for the Institute of Ismaeli Studies along with his responsibilities he maintains at Sussex Healthcare. He has been in this position since 1995.