The Profile of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a firm that specializes in offering advice on financial issues to companies around the globe. Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago, and it helps businesses to gain access to credit, navigate complex transactions and make shrewd investment decisions. The Chicago based company also provides professional merger consultation services as well as supplies company valuation. The Madison Street Capital reputation is evident by the many well-known enterprises it has successfully helped in its operations and transactions. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital (MSC) served as the sole advisor for AES Security Corporation involving an investment transaction that entailed subordinate debt and minority recapitalization. ARES Security Corporation is a security software provider with its offices located in Virginia. The provider offers government agencies and nuclear power plants the protection of their vital computer systems. MSC is a trusted firm, which explains why experts at ARES selected the company to assist in completing this highly sophisticated transaction. MSC worked on a sale-leaseback project in March 2017, which was more than $13 million. It offered financial advice to WLR Automotive Group, which is based in Maryland. WLR Automotive Group has been in business for more than ten years, and it operates close to 20 vehicle maintenance, repair and cleaning centers. The other company that was involved in the transaction was SCF Realty Capital, based in Texas. Learn more about: charles-botchway


MSC made financing arrangements for Maintenance Systems Management during the same year. Maintenance Systems Management’s president was excited about MSC and complemented it for meeting his company’s needs promptly. The president also noted that MSC had offered relevant and useful advice on other crucial issues too. Maintenance Systems Management has offered to build and cleaning upkeep services to property owners in San Francisco since 1990. Madison Street Capital has been offering an array of valuable services to several well-known and respected firms. It has received positive reviews, awards, A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and testimonials for its top-notch reputation.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has a team of experts who have experience, exceptional knowledge, and extensive relationships. That makes MSC one of the leading middle market investment banking companies in the world. Professionals working at MSC can make financial arrangements and proper capitalization and financing structure to meet the needs the specific situation of each client. It is the leading provider of mergers and acquisitions advisory and corporate finance. MSC has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It also has other offices in Asia, North America, and Africa.