Video Chat by Talk Fusion Reaches Global Success

Talk Fusion Video Chat is a recently launched video communication program that is already becoming one of the most popular video communication programs in the world. AppBrain, Android Market’s discovery tool, has ranked Talk Fusion Video Chat as being the 1st place app in Indonesia, the 5th place app in Japan, and comes in at 20th place in Switzerland.

Talk Fusion Video Chat can be used to communicate around the world and will be launching a 30 day free trial this month. The app is already free in the Google Play and iTunes stores, and when the free trial starts Video Chat will also be available for free directly from This free trial will also include 30 days free access to Talk Fusion’s full product line of video communication and video meeting services. Video Chat is already getting very positive reviews from users like Grand Blue Diamond Nancy Burling who said, “Love this product! HD quality; nothing else like it in the market! We use it to communicate all around the world!”

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reiner and the company is a world leader in video communication and marketing solutions. It was also the first company in the world to introduce the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Talk Fusion is dedicated to change and improve the lives of people and businesses through their proprietary video technology. Talk Fusion is also committed to practicing business with the highest ethical standards and contributes to many charities that work toward positive global change. Read more about Talk Fusion and their innovative Video Chat program here.

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